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At Leosoft, our trust is that “Our staff is our amazing resource”. We take much pride in recognizing the commitment every last one of us makes.

We focus on People Development and for that we ensure:

“Staff Leosoft with world class Professionals and ensure that the correct systems are set up to urge them to create to their maximum capacity, Create a collective and commonly strong workplace that urges individuals to develop, construct a group of experts who convey aptitude by taking an interest in business choices, create Performance Management and reward systems hidden our Business system and so forth.”

Leosoft is contracting school, colleges and university understudies for here and now the business. As we are seeing awesome enthusiasm from understudies, we need to offer need to the individuals who are at a propelled arrange in their investigations or inconclusive stages. We can offer occupations/Internship to understudies in various Pakistani urban areas.


Add your competence to our database for job applicants.

You register your application, CV and your competence. Please note that if you are able to give an accurate description of your qualifications, you will make it simpler for us to discover you an occupation. Leosoft managers will choose candidates from the database. This is done to simplify the process for the two candidates and managers at Leosoft.

Your CV will be stored in our database for Three months. After that period it will be erased, in accordance with directions from the Data Inspectorate. On the off chance that you need your CV to stay in the database, you should refresh/keep up it within Three months of your last enrollment/refresh.

Welcome to the Online Job Application System of Leosoft which enables you to apply for an empty position. Presently you don’t need to mail your resume to the gathering. Just round out the Online Resume Form and Click Submit.

Please note that:
  • You don’t need to present your resume twice on the off chance that you as of now have your resume posted.
  • Apply for any positions that for the most part coordinate with the activity prerequisites.
  • Select a Job opening from the publicized show, you need to apply for (not more than 2 jobs) it.
  • Send mail [email protected] on the off chance that you are confronting any sort of issue in applying for online occupations or submitting the resume.

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