You may renew your .pk domains through any of these ways.


For pk domains under Leosoft’s management

If you pk domain is under Leosoft’s management, you will receive an invoice from us 20 days prior to domain expiry. The domain will be renewed by us after the invoice is paid.


For domains not under Leosoft’s management

If your .pk domain is not under management, you will receive an expiry notice and an invoice from PKNIC.


To renew the domain please take following steps.

  1. Login to your PKNIC account.
  2. Goto Billing > invoice section and select the payment method.
  3. You can chose from “domain credit” or “credit card” or “prepaid card”
  4. Choose the prepaid if you have the prepaid card, enter the card number and your domain is renewed.

Please note that PKNIC does not accept any cash payments.

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